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There is nothing like uniting a family with a dog that will bring so much love and joy to their family. It is that passion that drives us each and every day. The way a dog can change a person’s life is something that we understand very well and those stories are why each day at Furry Babies is special and each family matters. Meet some of our extended Furry Babies Family members!

Chewie’s Family

Our family was so fortunate to work with Furry Babies to find the perfect dog for our family! We have three young children and had attempted to adopt a dog from a rescue. After taking the rescue dog home, we realized that the dog was not well suited to life with small children. We had to return the rescue dog, which devastated our kids. We called Furry Babies to see if they had a pet that might be better suited for family life.

What a relief! The Furry Babies staff told us that they had a Whoodle (Wheaton Terrier and Poodle Mix) that they thought had the right temperament, and would be the right fit for our family. We went to meet the puppy that night, and left with three happy children, and a sweet puppy that has melded perfectly into our family's life! Chewie has completed our family, and given my husband and I peace of mind. We know that Furry Babies sets very high standards both for in choosing breeders to work with, and in caring for the puppies they sell. Thank you, Furry Babies for listening to our concerns and finding us the best pet for our family!

Blue’s Family

Furry Babies gave me what I needed most before I even knew I needed it. I walked in just to browse and admire(though I loved the idea of a husky) and once I saw how happy, healthy, and loved they all were my heart started to open up a little more. And before I could realize what was happening, a dapple mini dachshund locked eyes with me. let me just say, love at first sight is real!My husky big dog loving self fell in absolute love, I was stopped dead in my tracks. He had chosen me. Next thing I know, my little “blue” is coming home with me. He is 12 now, and we’ve been through so much together. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Thank you so much Furry babies! We love you!

Prince’s Family

I was going through some major things and was a little depressed. I decided to go shopping and ended up at furry babies and decided to just look and maybe hold a puppy. Well, I walked out with a little fur ball. I was a little scared to be responsible for him even though I’d had a dog before. My first moments with him at home were the best times I’d had in years. He helped me start living again and learn to love. Because of him I’m happily married and living my best life. Every chance I get I visit them just to say hi and give them a Prince update.

Siff’s Family

During a difficult time in my life, I needed a best friend. My friends have gotten their furry loved ones from furry babies and I thought I’d give it a shot. My dream dog has always been a pomsky. They are harder to find and all breeding criteria have to exceed my expectations. I walk in, spot a fluff ball with the sweetest face I’ve ever seen. A pomsky! Furry babies opened his health “report card” , parents information, a breathtaking display of breeder information and pictures. I was amazed. The process to take my “Siff” home was incredibly easy and I’ve stalked their page ever since for a friend for him! Thank you furry babies. My heart is full.

Oliver’s Family

Oliver is essentially the sweetest loaf of bread you’ll meet! He always wants all the attention in the world, but that’s because he deserves it. We have a running joke saying he has 1 active brain cell, but it’s only for love. We got him a sister to complete the family and now they’re perfect!

Bane’s Family

I got Bane, my Rottweiler from Furry Babies back in 2016. He is a very healthy happy Boy. His demeanor is everything you could want in and love about the Rottweiler breed. Thank you Furry Babies for my perfect baby.

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