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Two Great Pups: The Pomeranian and the Maltese

September 27, 2023 | Categories: Petcare

Two Great Pups: The Pomeranian and the Maltese

The Pomeranian and Maltese have many great qualities. They are both friendly pups that love their family and look forward to seeing them. These dog breeds are very popular and have found their way into homes around the world thanks to their endless list of great qualities. If you are looking to learn more about for a smaller breed of dog that is kid friendly and mom approved this blog is for you.

History of the Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is a miniaturized Spitz-type dog that originated in Pomerania, Germany in the 1800s. This breed was originally a larger dog that over time were bred to be the smaller dog they are today. “Poms,” as they are often referred to, have been warm and loving companion dogs that have won the hearts of people around the world.

Life With the Pomeranian

Pomeranians tend to be easy to maintain and live with. Their double coat does require some extra brushing to keep looking good, but overall, they do not require excessive amounts of work. They also tend to be healthy pups because of their activity level and generally do not have a tendency toward obesity. They are normally up for learning new tricks and will gladly be the center of attention while showing these tricks off to family and friends. This breed of dog does well with other pets in the home and will quickly bond with any children. It should be noted that they are a smaller breed of dog so children do need to use a degree of caution while playing with them.

The Pomeranian’s Personality

The Pomeranian is a very smart, affectionate, and playful pup. This breed has a very charming and happy personality and a demeanor to match. The Pomeranian is very approachable and is not known to be aggressive or abrasive. They love their family and show it with their snuggles and licks. This breed has been around for a very long time and has made a truly amazing family pet.

Basic Breed Information

Male: 10-12 inches tall and 3-8 pounds
Female: 10 to 12 inches tall and 3-8 pounds

Physical Characteristics: Puffy and shiny coat with upright ears

Daily Exercise Requirements: About thirty minutes

Energy Level: High

Life Expectancy: Twelve to sixteen years

Drool Level: Low

Bark Level: High

History of the Maltese

For centuries, the Maltese spaniel has been the aristocrat of the K9 world. It is believed that the Maltese originated in Malta, Italy. The Maltese has been highly valued in society throughout history. One account is of a Maltese being sold in the 1500s for the equivalent of today’s $2,000. The first Maltese exhibited in the United States was white and listed as a “Maltese lion dog” at Westminster’s first dog show in 1877. In 1888 the American Kennel Club registered the Maltese.

Life With the Maltese

The Maltese is a very down to earth breed of dog that loves to socialize and spend time with his family. They are not overly rambunctious dogs but do have a lot of play in them. They also do not require excessive amounts of work to look good and enjoy a daily brushing and a warm bath every four or five weeks. They tend to adapt well in contemporary homes or apartments and get along well with other pets inside the house. This breed is a great companion dog and will win your heart in no time at all.

The Maltese’s Personality

The Maltese has a very personable and caring personality. They are easy to approach and not known for aggression or being very hyper. Many families that own this breed are repeat breed owners because they have had a lot of success with a past Maltese. This breed is generally a happy and loving breed that just wants to be loved.

Basic Breed Information

Male: 9-11 inches tall and 4-6 pounds
Female: 9-11 inches tall and 4-6 pounds

Physical Characteristic: Floppy ears with a smooth coat

Daily Exercise Requirements: About twenty minutes
Energy Level: Semi energetic
Life Expectancy: Twelve to fourteen years
Drool Level: Low
Bark Level: High

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